Social Robotic Bees to circumvent Killer Bee Attacks on Cities

We need to layout very small robotic bees, which may mimic authentic insect bees. By accomplishing this bee keepers can assist take away killer bee populations from town dwelling exactly where they could assault men and women. Though some would say This can be much-fetched, we aren’t that far off in comprehension the bee inhabitants or their queen bee migrations. By acquiring very small insect like Queen Bees which the bees will stick to we can help divide hives and steer bees into regions the place they’re able to help us with our crop yields with out killing very little Youngsters, pets and also Grownups.

African Killer Bees have migrated and are now atomizer sprayer in lots of western states and they’ve launched them selves into your American Honey Bee populations which happen to be largely non intense. There are numerous attacks in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California. It isn’t unusual for them to swarm on to a little pet or individual when agitated.

A little mini swarm of social robotic bees could change the conduct of these bee populations or aid us divide them or shift them to agricultural areas where we can co-exist. They assist us pollinate and keep on to boost our crop yields by up to forty-sixty% and we enable them to reside in peace and make honey and mature.

A little honeybee robot can coax a hive to swarm away from Center class neighborhoods, playgrounds and faculties to a far more suitable spot the place they are able to improve and support growth of agricultural merchandise and vegetation. We have to do the job with each other; the bees and us. We are just about there With all the technology we have to make this all a reality, we are actually finding out honey bees for 1000s of a long time and they’ve got a person heck of the evolutionary history; some say 400 million several years. They could educate us lots and we are able to are in peace with out killer bee assaults, just because you wore some thing yellow in the incorrect area at the wrong time. Assume on this.